‘Wabi & Sabi’ brings the distinct authentic flavours and allure of Japanese cuisine to the heart of London as we offer city workers and local Londoners a healthy and wholesome meal.


Wabi & Sabi is derived from the Japanese concept of ‘wabi sabi’, a school of Japanese design embracing simplicity, beauty within and natural elegance.

The Wabi & Sabi kitchen is located in Whitechapel and provides online delivery for lunch and dinner, and catering for major events and corporate functions. At Wabi & Sabi, we offer an array of contemporary Japanese cuisine, specialising in donburi (rice bowls), sushi and other traditional Japanese dishes. We use an innovative approach to the artistry of Japanese sushi and rice bowls. The menu features a full sushi menu, an array rice bowls, bento boxes, and gyoza, snacks and beverages.

We believe Japanese cuisine has so much to offer by the means of beauty and simplicity and we wanted to incorporate the notion of ‘Wabi sabi’ into food. Wabi & Sabi began in 2018 selling at food festivals and events.

The notion and philosophy of ‘Wabi Sabi’ lies in understanding the simplicity, naturalness and asymmetry of things as they inherently exist. It provides a perspective that recognises the beauty that naturally comes with transience and imperfection, and underpins our philosophy towards food.